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Happy Birthday

(Just moved this post up a day having spoken with the birthday girl and found out it's today not tomorrow 😂😂)

And for the second time today we are wishing a happy birthday to one of my wonderful friends. This time we're sending birthday greetings to Ainhoa. (Pronounced I know her - as she used to tell everyone in London, where she used to live).

The pair of us being attentive students.

Ainhoa and I met in Catalan class a few years back, and were known to get into trouble from time to time for speaking English. Like many of my friends here Ainhoa's English is amazing, but not down to me, but because she lived in London for almost as many years as we did, yet our paths never crossed there, as far as we know.

Not sure which greeting is best this time as Ainhoa is originally from the Basque region, but has lived in the UK and here, and speaks both Spanish and Catalan perfectly. So I'll stick with...


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