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Happy Birthday

Today I'm sending best birthday wishes to my lovely friend, Caroline, and you can guess from the picture below that, like me, Caroline is an animal lover.

Many, many years ago Caroline and I managed a small hotel near Brighton, and had a lot of fun in the Fawlty Towers style place. We could tell many funny stories, all you have to do is ask...

Caroline moved to Spain soonafter and has taught English in her very successful school and has co-written a range of text books in English for young learners. She also has holiday homes where she lives in Murcia.

Its funny how our lives have followed similar paths. (Catering training, teaching English, living in Spain, tourist-rental)

Caroline has been up from Murcia to visit a couple of times, but I can't find a single photo of those times, so have stolen her profile photo from her official Cambridge page ( )

So Caroline if you'd like a better pic next year you'd better come visit again. 😉😉😘

Happy Birthday / Feliz cumpleaños

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