• Mark Tullett

Happy birthday

To my best girl, who is 14 years old today. She's had another rough year, but is hanging in there.

This girl is surpassing all expectations. We were surprised when she got to her 13th birthday, and now after another operation, and almost 6 months of weekly chemotherapy she is still here, for which I thank whatever it is that keeps her by my side.

Cuddy has been my strength and comfort in the really dark days during the last years, and I am more than happy to be celebrating another birthday with her.

14 years ago she chose us to be her daddies, pretty much literally when she sat on Tony's feet and looked up with those "take me home eyes" and I think she'll agree we both got a good deal.

Today she'll be getting even more treats than usual - fresh steak is her current passion, and I'm sure that will be in today's menu somewhere, along with the usual birthday tuna and chimken. And plenty of napping too, of course.


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