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Hamburger Day

Yes, today is Hamburger Day, and who doesn't like a good hamburger. For a long time I thought the name came from the pork meat, even though hamburgers rarely contained pork, but then was enlightened. I found out the name comes from the city if the same name - Hamburger, in Germany.

This is one I made recently, and being veggie it is of course made of soya protein. Over the last few years the audit of veggie/vegan burgers has increased immensely. I've no idea if they taste similar to meat, having not eaten meat fur well over 30 years, but carnivorous friends who sample my burger offerings are often converted.

And just in case you haven't found a good veggie burger yet, may I suggest you try the Aldi Wonder Burger. At present it is my all time favourite.

And yes, I plan to have one for dinner tonight, with all the trimmings, and probably a few chips.

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