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Food, glorious food.

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Vilanova has a wealth of excellent restaurants, cafes and bars catering for all tastes and to suit all pockets.

Being vegetarian I have little experience of some of them but when there are vegetarian or vegan options are on the menu I am more than happy to give them a go, and recommend some of my favourites to our guests.

Over the past year or so vegetarianism and veganism has grown throughout Spain and the options are growing.

Just this weekend I stopped in one of my favourite haunts on the Plaça de Vila, the Carpeta Moderna, to find that they have updated their menu. Alongside all the usual choices of burgers, buttifaras, etc, etc, on the menu now there is a full page of vegetarian and vegan options. Needless to say I shall be trying a lot of their dishes over the coming weeks...

BTW Their patatas bravas are excellent too.

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