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Feliz Cumpleaños

Today is a very important day in our household, for it is our eldest's birthday.

Today Vinci cumple 15 years. When his twin, R2, died last year I was worried for Vinci, as they were so close, but despite having a pretty difficult year, and having spent a few days in the hospital, he is now doing amazingly. One would hardly know he has a heart condition, and is still here thanks to the support of an amazing group of vets, and to the medication he is now reluctantly accepting each day.

Luckily Tom stepped into the huge space left by R2, and Vinci and he are rarely apart.

And here are a few more pics of the birthday boy...

Of course today they will all be getting the usual tuna breakfast and chicken and ham lunch, and Vinnie, who loves tummy tickles, will be getting his fair share of those too.

Vinci, and R2, came to us from Sitges, via Denise and Paolo, who found them in the bushes outside the church in Poble sec. They were no more than a couple of weeks old, and although they arrived to us with a clean bill of health (check up with Dr Oscar first), they left Denise and Paolo with a bad flea infestation, I can happily say that we have never had that problem here, nor will we ever, I hope.

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