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Far de Sant Cristòfol

Aka the Vilanova lighthouse.

The lighthouse in Vilanova is traditionally known as La Farola (lamp post).

The first lighthouse was installed in Vilanova in 1834 but it was short and didn't have enough range to provide enough protection. In 1865 a first lighthouse with a continuous light was built, along with a home for the lighthouse keeper. Its continuous light lasted until 1905 when it was demolished and the current lighthouse was built in the same place. La Farola is still working and only stopped providing light to sailors during the Spanish Civil War.

The lighthouse tower is 21 metres in height (68ft) with a spiral staircase of 98 steps, and at its top has a dome where a reflecting floodlight is placed with 3 complex optics which are moved by a rotary clock.

The lighthouse sends out 3 bursts of white light flashes every 8 seconds and has a range of 19 nautical miles (35km/21mi).

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