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ESC 2021

Depending on how well you know me you will or won't understand the meaning of the title immediately.

ESC = Eurovision Song Contest - and I've no shame in admitting I'm a fan, and have been since before ABBA won in Brighton (my hometown) in 1974. Yes I also know lots of useless facts about the show too.

Anyway tonight is the first semi final, and I will be glued to the TV watching, cheering and complaining, hopefully sharing thoughts with some of my friends internationally through WhatsApp. The show starts at 9pm CEST (8pm UK) and runs for just over 3 hours.

The semi final place allocation remains the same as for Eurovision 2020, except for Armenia who withdrew this year and Belarus who was disqualufied.

And here's a list of those taking part tonight...

I've listened to a few of the songs, but am not going to give away so my favourites are yet. The best 10 from this list will go through to the final on Saturday.

Will you be watching? Is it something you enjoy, or avoid like the plague ( not that we've done that well with that one recently)?

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