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Energy Saving

The Spanish Congress this week approved the government’s energy-saving rules which include limits on air-conditioning use as part of an EU-wide effort to reduce reliance on Russian gas.

Spanish MPs voted 187 to 161 in favour of the decree, which came into effect on 10 August but required ratification from parliament to remain in force.

Under the government decree, air conditioning must be turned down and set at no lower than 27C during the warmest months of the year, in rules affecting everything from public transport to shops, offices, theatres and cinemas.

The new rules do not apply to home air conditioning, although people are encouraged to consume less energy domestically.

This year during the summer months, temperatures across Spain often hit 40C or higher.

The legislation also affects heating in winter, when temperatures can be set no higher than 19C.

The decree also requires that from 10pm, shops switch off window-display lighting in a move also affecting the illumination of public buildings.

By the end of September, any air-conditioned or heated premises must have an automatic door-closing mechanism installed to avoid energy waste.

Now, do I install air-conditioning or not? ...

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