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El Portal del Nin

The Portal del Nin (or Negrell) and the wall fragment beside it were part of the old fortified enclosure of Vilanova.

The walls enclosed the town around a perimeter of approximately 600 m, well under the size of today's expansive town.

This primitive town centre consisted of three parallel streets and one perpendicular street, and opened to the outside through four portals, the Mar, the Terra, the Clarà and the Non (Negrell).

Today, only that of Negrell, or Nin, remains, which dates from 1370 and is integrated into the Can Ferrer Pi building. It was during the remodeling works of the years 1943-1945 that the remains of the old wall were exposed, and are now for all to see today.

Next to the portal is the following inscription: "Portal del Nin or d'en Negrell. Built during the 14th century and the only one preserved from the first fortified enclosure of Vilanova."

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