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El Faro Cafe

Whilst on one of our walks we stopped nearer the beach for breakfast at El Faro Cafe, and I have only his things to say about it.

I had my usual if coffee and toast, and it was one of the best I've had here. Hot tasty coffee, with a free side of a glass of water, and the slice of today was huge, perfectly done with just the right amount of tomato and oil. And to top it all the waitress was smiling and friendly. On a visit later in the week it was so cold and they allowed me to come inside with Franki, the same waitress told us it was never a problem.

So if you're down near the Faro beach pop in. Their diners come well recommended too, although I'm not sure they cater for me... I'll have to check next time we're in.

Photos from the day we got inside...

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