• Mark Tullett


Its over a decade since the peseta ceased to be valid in Spain, but its coins still have value for collectors.

June 2021 was the deadline to exchange pesetas for euros at the Bank of Spain yet it is estimated that the Spanish have at least 1,575 million euros worth of pesetas unexchanged.

For collectors there are many pesetas with valyes in the thousands of euros. Those of 5 pesetas, known as duros, are one of the most sought after, although not all are valued the same.

According to a daily newspaper those of the year 1949 are one of the most desired by collectors. That year there were up to five different types of duros minted until 1952.

These pieces, that were not in circulation, or made with a different metal, are the ones that have a higher value. In 2011 one of these 5-peseta coins was auctioned for 36,000 euros, of which only 15 known copies remain.

I know I still have some pesetas lying around somewhere, and for a long time had a coin on my key ring ( one of them had a hole in the middle). Time to clear out the drawers again methinks.... you never know.

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