• Mark Tullett

Dog days of summer

Checked in a lovely family this week who have come down from Barcelona for the week. (All my bookings this summer are Spanish/Catalan) and they'd brought their lovely dog with them. He was a little shy at first but we soon became friends.- and if course if I know dogs are coming I leave treats for them at the apartment too. And there's no extra charge.

This summer all but one of my bookings are bringing their dogs with them, and why not? How wonderful to bring along all members of the family, which is why we decided when we opened, that we would be pet-friendly.

Over the last couple of years we've had dogs staying occasionally, but this year they all seem to be coming along. Happily they've all been well behaved and left nothing more than a few hairs behind.

So if you want to come stay and bring that extra special member if the family, they too are more than welcome.

My only problem is that when I get home and our two dogs smell another on me I get the third degree. 🤣🤣

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