• Mark Tullett

Did you recognise it

It is indeed, as many said, fennel, hinojo (cast), fonoll (cat).

Well done if you got the answer right.

A perennial herb with a strong smell. The feathery leaves smell like aniseed. While walking the dogs often vets past the plants immediately getting themselves an aniseed perfume on the coats.

It is one of three main ingredients in absinthe., which once again is gaining popularity in some countries.

The fruit (which look like flowers) can be dried and sugar coated and are then used as breath fresheners, perfect for when you're having to wear a mask and breathe your own smelly breath all the time 😊😊.

The leaves are well flavoured and are similar to dill. The two plants also resemble each other, but dill is a much shorter once. Fennel can grow to well over a metre tall.

The bulbs are popular ingredients in many dishes, but I like them sauteed or roasted.

Fennel bulbs

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