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Tomorrow is Election day in Catalunya, and exciting as this is the first time I can vote in these elections.

Unlike many Brits I research all options before voting, and due the Catalan elections it has been quite a task. Each time I thought I had a handle on it I found another party in the running.

These are the voting forms - you choose one, pop it in the envelope provided, and toddle off to the polling station with the cutting card and ID to register your vote.

I also had an hour with the lovely Meritxell this week during which she explained some of the history behind some of the parties making the changes clearer. It seems crossing the floor is a regular occurrence here, and parties are in a state if regular flux.

Anyway, I think I've made up my mind and am ready to take part in Catalan democracy tomorrow. All of which will be done within the current restrictions...

We also have covid alloted times for voting to keep it all as safe a possible too

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