• Mark Tullett

Say Cheese

Or Formatge (catalan) or queso (Spanish).

Yesterday I went in search of a cheese establishment recently recommended to me by the lovely Meritxell and Albert. Luckily i pretty much knew where i was going so there wasn't much chance of getting lost.

The place in question is in Carrer Sant Gervesi, where once was the Mullassa bookstore. This is the street that runs parallel to the Rambla Principal between that and Carrer Caputxins.

In my best Catalan I asked for a smoked cheese and one flavoured with dark beer.

The guy behind the counter was very helpful and pointed out a few that I might like. During our exchange i realised it's so much more difficult to read faces when half is covered by a mask.

The smoked one I bought was Idiazabal Fumat and the beery one Abadia St. Bernard.

On arriving home I decided to have a little of each for lunch, and what better way than with some crusty bread and homemade pickles.

The beery cheese was delicious and smooth, and could be paired with the stronger pickle and not lose its essence. Sadly the smoked one was not very smoked (to my taste) but still strong enough to go with a bit of dark Granny Stiggants chutney. Next time I shall try a different smoked cheese. In the UK we used to eat an Austrian smoked one which we loved. I've not quite filled that gap yet. But, for sure I shall be buying another portion of the beery one.

If you like good cheese this is definitely the place to go.

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