• Mark Tullett


This week I've had the pleasure of hosting a young man who is cycling around parts of Europe. When he arrived here he had already cycled over 7,500kms and may even double that by the time he gets back home to a small town in the Alps.

My dear friend, Caroline, who lives in Murcia, put us in contact, and gave me a bit of background.

The day he arrived here, fairly late at night (for me anyway) he had cycled something like 300kms. So naturally I couldn't just leave him to his own devices and cooked up a pasta bolognese which I thought might improve his energy reserves.

He only stayed 2 nights and this morning was on his way again - this time to Girona - but only after cooking us some delicious banana pancakes for breakfast.

I no longer have the balance needed for cycling, although I once cycled from the station here to our home, which was enough for me (it was all uphill though 😉) and that really was my limit.

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