• Mark Tullett

Culture Shock

On one of our visits to Spain before we lived here we went to Sevilla, a lovely town which I recommend visiting if you get the chance. However, back to my point, one of the things that surprised us most was the streets lined with orange trees. Naturally we had heard of Seville oranges, and indeed enjoyed the marmalade but to see the orange laden trees actually in the thoroughfare was something else. And, me being the inquisitive soul that I am, I had to try one, which I soon regretted. It was so bitter it took several beers to get the taste out of my mouth.

Now here in Vilanova we also have some orange lined streets, one not far from where I live, but here I'm pretty sure they're mandarins or clementines, and yes I've tried one here too, same flavour, same solution. 😉

Oranges or mandarins?

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