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Covid update

As from next Monday the restrictions in Catalunya will be changed.

At the moment we are restricted to movement within our municipality (ie. Vilanova) from Monday movement will be restricted once more to the Comarca (similar to county), ours being Garraf. - on the map that's the little pink area in the centre in the coast.

Bars, cafes and restaurants will still have restricted opening hours, but the current periods are extended by an hour. This means they will now be able to open from 7am to 10.30 and then 13h to 16.30h. So if anyone wants to meet for a coffee on the Rambla we don't have to go at silly o'clock any more. Terraces have to maintain 2m distance between tables and inside only 30% normal capacity is allowed.

All other restrictions pretty much remain the same. Only smaller shops can open Monday to Friday, and only essential ones on Saturdays.

Map showing the Garraf districts in which we will have freedom of movement as from Monday.

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