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In Vilanova there is an amazing chocolate shop on Carrer de Libertat, just a few minutes from the apartment, and as a bit of a chocaholic I can assure you it makes some extremely good chocolates.

And here's a bit of history about the place/ family who own , taken from their website...

In 1945, Eugeni Aguilar, at 14-years old, found a job in a pastry shop in Barcelona, the prestigious Llibre i Serra, and began his apprenticeship in the chocolate section, often working days of up to ten hours straight in the workshop, surrounded, of course, by the great master chocolatiers of that time.

Some time later Eugeni was promoted to manager, and was late invited to create the chocolate section inside the prestigious Baixas pastry shop, on Muntaner Street in Barcelona.

Some years later Josep followed this path when he started working alongside his father, from a very young age as well. Together Bombones Cornet was born following in Eugeni's footsteps and developed basically by learning from the French and Belgian "nouvelle chocolaterie".

Today, to bring their creations to life, they combine the new trends they have acquired with the teachings of all the old master chocolatiers.

From the Cornet website

And this year, like every, they have some pretty spectacular offerings for Easter, a few of which you can see in the window...

So if you want a special treat while in VnG get yourself along to the shop.

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