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Coming soon

According to the Vanguardia newspaper Ikea is coming to town. The company is opening a store in nearby Sant Pere, in the same commercial centre as Decathlon, Fes Mes, Caprabo etc, which is less than 5 minutes away.

It won't be a full size store, but the option to order and collect there will make things so much easier.

The nearest Ikea at the moment is in Hospitalet, which is just within the Barcelona pollution exclusion zone, which means that I can't go there in my car as it doesn't meet the requirements. it's over 10 years old and diesel.

When we first came to Spain, all those years ago, buying furniture was more complicated and fell at the two ends of the scale, either excellent quality at a high price, or much poorer quality at the lower end of the price scale. Having said that some of our furniture at home has stood the test of time. Now Ikea bridges the gap of these two extremes.

Anyone who had stayed at TdM will recognise a few of the pieces of furniture being from Ikea, whilst other pieces have been locally sourced.

Full story here Vanguadia Ikea

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