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Finally the centre once known (and probably always called that by some of us) as Vila Lauren will reopen its doors today. In case you don't know this is an entertainment complex in the North of town (not far from my barrio). I believe it is now to be called Nova Center (or the NC).

The centre boasts 12 Odeon screens and promises a varied programme, with the latest projection technology. It's been over 4 years since Vilanova had a cinema and its well overdue. Hopefully the centre, which also is due to have other attractions ( hopefully the bowling alleys will reopen) although I've not seen any announcements of what they will be.

The bus schedule is also due to be augmented, and will eventually include stops at the new song centre too, which is also nearby.

And here's the link to see which films will be showing, sadly nothing in VO at the moment, but I have messaged Odeon who replied that there will be some in the future...

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