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Chubb and Ernie


Today would have been my maternal grandfather's birthday. Bien in 1913, he outlived many of his peers to live to the ripe old age of 91.

Charles William Dale was his birth name but most people knew him as Chubb. I of course only knew him as grandad.

He was born in our home village of Henfield, and it is through his mother's line that we are related to William Shakespeare.

He spent his work as a manual labourer, first of all on farms, then for the local council on the roads, pathways etc.

Ruddy faced and a rather large man I don't remember ever seeing him angry.

This is a photo of him in their garden with my Aunty Sylvia.


By rare coincidence this would also have been my other granddad's birthday - Ernest Tullett was born in 1910, just 3 years before Chubb, and in the next village.

Grandad T was known as Ernie, and got a lot of stick when Benny Hill's song of the same name came out, although I think he quite liked that.

I remember Grandad Ernie as a rather serious and often grumpy old man, especially after he had a heart attack.

My favourite memory of being at his, and my nan's house was the raspberry patch, a fruit that remains my favourite.

He died in 1981 just 6 days after his birthday. And although I've looked I can find no photos of him.

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