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Ceminteri de Vilanova

Did you recognise the Angel that stands atop the entrance building at the cemetery of Vilanova?

I guess most people wouldn't add the cemetery to their list of holiday places to visit, but like all the other buildings, or locations, of interest in Vilanova it may be of interest to some.

The cemetery of Vilanova i la Geltrú was built in 1855 and has mostly modernist graves like the one of the bishop of Armanyá.

As has happened in many other local towns, most of the larger mausoleums belong to the families who emigrated to America looking for their fortune. There are some famous people interred in the cemetery such as Victor Balaguer, Manel de Cabanyes and Joan Milá.

Unlike in British cemeteries there are few graves dug in the ground, but rather tombs in rows of "walls".

Although I pass the cemetery several times a week on the way into town, or walking the dogs I've never been in, but after doing a bit of research for this blog post i fully intend to take a look around there soon.

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