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Celler Cal Pupot

... is the answer to Sunday's challenge. Is this the place you were thinking of?

Behind those humble doors is one of the best, and best known places in Vilanova.

And just in case you don't know of it already it's well worth a visit. It is at the bottom of Carrer de Santa Madrona, although this has not always been its home. Many moons ago it was a much smaller bar, just off the Rambla, with barrels to sit on and sawdust on the floor. When it moved we were worried it would lose its unique character, but despite the changes it is still a great place. We even had the Stag party there before our wedding there.

The owner-managers are a father and son team, Joan and Adan, both great characters and uber-friendly.

It is a night bar, except on Saturdays (and during carnaval) when it also opens at lunchtime.

Inside the bar has a unique charm and is always packed with people drinking, and often eating the range of delicious and 'homemade' dishes from the menu. It's a great place for 'pica-pica', but also has a varied menu.

I have to admit that we have left here late some nights slightly the worse for wear, especially when the beers were regularly "ah, this ones on the house".

I have what i think is a funny story about the place many many years ago when the Puput was in its old home near the Rambla.

We were on our way home after a night out in town when we decided on 'one for the road' at the Puput.

On arrival at the door Joan was controlling entry and told us it was a private party and only invitees could pass. We must have looked crestfallen as he quickly relented and told us to go in.

As we went towards the bar a woman came towards us bearing a plate of sandwiches, canapes or something, my memory of this detail is hazy. We said no thanks as we didn't want to help ourselves to the food as we were really gatecrashers. Without a second thought the woman with the plate apologised saying, "ah, you must be the vegetarians," misunderstanding our reason for refusing the food. She immediately returned with another plate, insisting we take it as there was plenty for everyone. For fear of offending her we did as we were told, hoping we weren't stealing the food from whomever the vegetarians were that had been invited.

The woman had no idea who we were, or that we were vegetarians either, but made us as welcome as everyone else. That's the kind of place the Puput was and is.

Goodness knows what time, and in what state we got home that night.

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