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Although there have already been a few events this month, it is today that Carnaval begins...

For full details (in Catalan)...


Normally today "Dijous Gras" would be the day of the Meringada, with meringue bottles going on in the streets, but this year, the first post pandemic carnaval, today's celebrations have been suspended.

Today would have been the 50th anniversary of the very first Meringada, when the baker Blanche placed a huge meringue in his baker window, which ended up in the streets being eaten by the handful by the local kids, and ultimately thrown around.

So instead of the usual meringue leaving the bakery, this year the window will display a large 50 in meringue, with promises of an even better "50th" celebration next year.

Photo from Eix Diari online newspaper

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