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Bodegas Güell II

As promised here are a few more pics and details from my trip to the Bodegas Güell just a week ago.

Bodegas Güell is not normally open to the public but i was lucky enough to have been invited by my dear friend Alberto, who won tickets through a draw in the National Geographic Magazine - we were just a group of 30, and the first and last visitors to the place in a long time. It is still a family home and very much in use as such.

BG is one of Gaudi's works fir the Güell family - others in Barcelona include the Parc Güell, Palacio Güell and Colonias Güell.

The family was naturally loaded, much of which came from Slave trade, a fact that was not hooded over. And we were lucky enough to get an insight into the family history as well as more infirmary about Gaudi and the place itself.

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