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Best breakfast

Once more, anyone who knows me and files my Facebook or Instagram posts will know what's coming in today's blog...

So where is the best place for a cooked breakfast, aside from in my home? Well, in my opinion the best (veggie) cooked breakfast award goes to Flaherty's in Barcelona.

Almost every time I take a trip to Barcelona a Flaherty's breakfast is on my list. It's scrummy and they have the best tea too.

Obviously they have many other items on their menu, and serve a great pint too, but as soon as I sit down (at my usual window table) I know what I'm going to order. 😊😊

So if you're craving a great breakfast, or just fancy a pint go find Flaherty's. It's towards the bottom of the Ramblas in Plaça de Joaquim Xirau.

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