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Another update

The Vilanova Park shopping centre is due to open on the 2nd of December and according to the guy in charge is 98% full - ie of commercial establishments. Apparently just one food outlet has yet to be sold. Two of the commercial outlets have also said that they will not be ready for the opening date, but will open within 2 weeks more.

The confirmed companies are MediaMarkt, Viena, Drim, Ozone, Maisons du Monde, Mi Casa, Conforama, Sprinter, Foster's Hollywood, Tedi, Decathlon, Mercadona, Galp, Flex, Distar and Fitness Park.

According to local online newspaper, Eix Diari ...

The mayor assured that the new Park is a point of attraction that will complement the Vilanova shopping center, one will be enhanced with the other, since "the type of activities that will be developed in this Park are different from the others that has the trade of Vilanova.

Addionally Olga Arnau wanted to say that the City Council is running a campaign to promote the city's commerce: "At the end of November, the Plan for strengthening local commerce will be presented, which is now in the final stages of the preparation, in order to prepare the forecasts that exist in the Commercial Park and complement it with local commerce".

It is said that the centre will create 600 jobs and that there is possibility of expanding the site in the future, which didn't surprise me as the area next door to it is wasteland which is pretty much a dumping ground. On the originalplans this area was also going to be developed, mostly as parking. Hopefully they'll stay that side of the C31.

Just another thought - why isn't the place covered in solar panels? It's definitely going to be using a lot of electricity - surely a missed opportunity.

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