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This morning I dropped off our recent guests at the airport for their return journey to the UK - our only UK visitors this year.

Unless you are traveling there is still no entry to the terminals past the car parks. This means that anyone arriving that is meeting someone must come outside on the ground level where there is a waiting area.

Dropping off hasn't changed, so on the Salidas/Sortidas ramp, and although there are ticket machines on entry and exit, there's no change if you're only there a few minutes, as I was this morning.

There is currently a plan, much opposed by locals, to expand the airport to accommodate the expected rise in business over the coming years. All the while terminal 2 is still underused, and a sad shadow of its formal self. I remember when it was the only terminal, and full of retail. Maybe it would be a good idea to regenerate this terminal before enlarging the whole airport...

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