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I am so pleased that I reached the target amount for this year on the Cancer fund. Its now become traditional that I no longer get birthday nor Christmas presents but instead people are invited to contribute to the fund, and this year, as in previous ones, my very generous friends stumped up.

Normally I do many afternoon teas and second hand markets during the year to achieve the target, but this year there were no second hand markets (my guest room is full with items for sale also donated) and very few afternoon teas, so i thought the goal of two grand this year might have been too much.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated. One in two people are likely to be diagnosed with cancer now, and very few of us are not affected by it. If my small contribution helps to find a cure and save just one person from suffering like we have it will all be worth it.

And if you want to get this year's target started here's the link. Remember every amount helps.

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