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This week the long awaited new Ikea store opened in Sant Pere de Ribes, in the same commercial done as Decathlon and Fes Mes. So yesterday I took myself along for a little nosey around.

There had been all sorts of rumours about what it would be like before it opened.

Well, I can report that I was sadly very disappointed. It is far from what is needed here. It's the smallest Ikea I have ever been in, much smaller than either of the two stores previously mentioned above, and in fact smaller than most supermarkets in town. It's tiny.

I had a quick look around. It seriously took less than 5 minutes. They have a few displays of bedrooms and kitchens and basically only offer a design service. Nothing can be bought there and taken away. I asked if it was possible to order on line and pick up there and was succinctly told No.

I can't imagine it will get much business as it's nothing like a usual Ikea store, and I can't believe that they did much market research about the area, if any, before opening.

What I was looking forward to/ hoping for was that it would contain their little food market, but no, can't even get a coffee there.

Disappointed much, Yep.

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