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Despite requesting guests not to leave the keys in the inside of the flat door, this weekend it happened again.

The guests left early, before i could get there, leaving one of the keys in the front door, meaning I could not get in.

Despite trying several methods of getting into the flat before calling a locksmith everything was to no avail. Obviously this is good from one point of view as it means the apartment is very secure.

Calling a locksmith out at the weekend is very expensive here, and can cost upwards of €300, even if the job is a simple one. This one wasn't.

Apparently the lock is of very good quality and almost impossible to break/pick so when the locksmith arrived he needed almost 3 hours to get into the flat. I'm not willing to share details here of just how, for security reasons, but he eventually got me in. Thank goodness there were no more bookings this weekend - that would have been even more expensive.

Happily the locksmith didn't charge a fortune, but the stress has been tremendous, at a time when I really don't need it.

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