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Today would have been my mum's 85th birthday. Mum was born, grew up and lived her whole life in Henfield, where I spent my formative years. She was the eldest of 5 siblings (4 girls, one boy).

Dad & Mum

I guess if I am like either of my parents I think I'm more like my mum.

Sadly she passed away in 1998, when she was the age I am now. Tony and I came back from Sevilla where we were taking a short break, to go straight to the hospital and her bedside. It seems that my family in general are not known for their longevity.

Mum was born with a congenital kidney disease which plagued her all her life, and during my teens she spent 10 years on dialysis before finally getting a transplant. Despite all this she was always active, and even had a few jobs in the village, that I remember well. (Cleaning what was then the Station Hotel, mushroom picking, packing scents etc), but it is her in the garden helping dad with the veggies, or hanging out the washing that stick in my memory more.

She married dad in March 1960,a local lad from Partridge Green, and just 9 months later I arrived, to be followed not much later by Andrew. Having been told she would never survive having children it was a pretty brave thing to go ahead with. She had 3 children in all, the 3rd of which didn't survive, sadly didn't even get a name, and was never spoken ok. It was around this time that her health first deteriorated.

I think mum always wanted a girl and was delighted when Andrew married and she got granddaughters and a grandson, on whom she doted.

Andrew, Mum, and me

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