• Mark Tullett

Ring ring

A little while ago one of our neighbours complained that guests staying at TdM often rang his doorbell by mistake,  once even at 3 am.  Why anyone would do that I don't understand. 

He suggested I paint our doorbell red to maker it stand out, and to avoid confusion. I did.

Just over a week ago our cleaner came back from holidays and met me at the apartment as she wanted to tell me something.  

She asked why I had painted the doorbell red,  so I explained about our neighbour.  Then she explained that red doorbells here suggest a house of ill repute.  Apparently one of our other neighbours had asked if I was "running putas" from the apartment. 

She suggested I painted it another colour as soon as I got chance.  This I have done. 

Now,  whether our neighbour knew about this or not I don't know, but I'm hoping not as our relationship is usually a good one. 

Me, A 'madam' 😳😳😂🤣😂 

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