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Thank yous

Here at TdM we are always happy when our efforts are appreciated.  

During the summer some guests left a very generous tip for the cleaner,  with which she was completely thrilled.  

Today when I arrived at the apartment to change beds etc I found a very tasty gift on the dining room table,  along with a thank you postcard.

The guests were from Mahon, in Menorca; a place we visited a while ago.  They were here just for the weekend and unfortunately didn't have the best of weather.  However they still had a good time - Vilanova is great in the sun or the rain.  

Their message says

"Thanks for making our stay so pleasant, we will be back for sure.  We have left you some 'sweets' from our island...Thank you again for everything"

More satisfied guests mean a more satisfied host.  😊😊

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