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New chairs...

Just last week we noticed that one of the dining room chairs had been broken (I'm guessing someone rocked back on it and broke the back support) so we put it out by the rubbish skips for collection.  Moments later a guy in the next block was seen dragging it into his building.  Although it looked ok at first glance on further inspection it is clearly not safe to sit on. I hope he realised before he ended up on the floor.  That's the way recycling works round these parts.  😊

After inspecting the other chairs we could see that at least one of the others was damaged too, so I decided to replace them all.  A quick trip to Ikea later,  thanks to my super friend Xan (I'm still not able to drive with this busted knee), and all 6 chairs have been replaced. 

I also took the chance to replace some of the other damaged,  broken, or missing items: towels, bathrobes,  glasses etc etc. 

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