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The guests this year have definitely tested my ability to rise to challenges. 

One of the first guests this year arrived telling me that she had had her passport and I-phone stolen at El Prat de Llobregat, where you have to change when getting the train from the airport to Vilanova.  Guests coming by train always get a warning about the presence of theives who prey on tourists at this station.  

The first thing we had to do was report the theft with the Mossos d'Esquadre - one of the local police forces.  They were very helpful and gave us a crime report form for the later insurance claim.  

To be able to travel home said guest had to visit the British consulate in Barcelona to get emergency travel documents.  This wasn't cheap but did mean she could fly home on the original flight. 


The next challenge came when a guest messaged me to tell me her car had been towed away.  

This was a Friday morning,  the morning of the market on the street outside the apartment. Notices are always posted on the road the night before and I did warn her on arrival.  

This time it meant a trip to the local police station in town where the cars are impounded.  The Basic cost to get the car out of the pound is around €150, this can be increased over time so I advised this guest to go as soon as she could, sending her a Google map of the location.  Normally I would have gone with a guest,  but having damaged my knee mobility was an issue.  


And this week I was presented with another challenge when I got a message from the guest to say they had locked themselves out of the flat and that the other key was in the lock in the inside of the door. (And yes there is a warning in the information pack not to leave keys in the lock).

There's no way to handle this except to call a locksmith. This happened on a Sunday (today in fact) so the call out charge was more than usual at €145  but the guests were happy to pay it directly. Fortunately they are back in the apartment and now know not to do that again. 

Next? .....

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