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Feliç Diada

Feliç Diada!

Today is the 'national' day of Catalunya.

The National Day of Catalunya is a day-long festival here, and a punlic holiday, and one of the official national symbols. It commemorates the fall of Barcelona during the War of the Spanish Succession, and the first Independance.

The holiday was first celebrated on 11 September 1886 but suppressed by the Franco dictatorship in 1939. It was reinstated in 1980 by the Generalitat (local government)

Traditionally floral offerings and laid at monumentsand here in Barcelona that means the Monument to Frances Macia at the botom of the Rambla, just round the corner from TdM.

This year, following the outrages in Barcelona and Cambrills, and with the upcoming Referendum on Independance in October the nationalist celebrations are likely to be more popular than ever. I've been asked many times how I feel about Catalan Independance, and I really have no concrete answer. I'm not sure I know enough to comment, and besides in my opinion borders are an unnatural man made construct that should be done away with completely.

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