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What's on?

Thinking about paying a visit to VnG soon? Here's what's on over the rest of this month, and in September.


  • 12 August, Vila Nit, Club Voleibol Vilanova

  • 15 August , National Holiday, Assumption Day.

  • 19 August, Horse Festival with horses, carts and carriages parades

  • 26 August, Fora Estocs, End of summer brand clearance fair

  • August, Festa Major race. Seafront and Ortoll. 5 km and 10 Km

  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Aclústics at Xiringuito One- live music by young artists

  • 1 and 2 September, ATEVEU

  • 2 September, International Tambeach Championship

  • 10 September, 5th Catalan Mile 1,714 metres

  • 23 september, Children’s cycle race Isaac Gálvez

  • 29 September - 1 October, Nations Cu​p

And don't forget the Bordogassos will be performing their amazing castles throughout both months.

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