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During the summer Vilanova has an additional mode of transport through town:

It is popular with tourists, and gets used by locals as well, particularly those with kids. But for anyone with mobility issues it is a great way to get to some of the areas of the centre of town not specifically served by the bus routes. It usually runs from the middle of June to the middle of September (this year it ends on the 11th). It runs from 11.00am up to 9.00pm. Adult tickets are just 3€, and for unlimited use for a day just 5€.

These are the location of the stops (paradas) around town.

1 Torre BlavaPg. Ribes Roges - Torre de Ribes Roges

2 PasífaePg. Ribes Roges - Rda. Mar Mediterrània

3 Pl. Catalunya - Pl. Catalunya

4 Sant Antoni Pl

5 La Geltrú - Pl. Lladoners

6 Zona comercial - Pl. Cotxes

7 MercatRbla. Salvador Samà - Escola Pompeu Fabra

8 Estació - Pl. Eduard Maristany

9 PortPg. Marítim - Canàries

10 Oficina de turismePg. Carme - rbla. Pirelli

11 Estació MarítimaDic de Ponent

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