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Iglesia del Mar

Just round the corner from the apartment is one of the towns well known churches. Because of the barrio in which the church is situated it is known as the Iglesia del Mar (church of the sea), whereas it's full title is the Igelsia de la Imaculada Concepcion. It was built between 1854 and 1859. It was originally intended to be dedicated to San Pedro and the fishermen of Vilanova, who contributed to its construction. However the Archbishop of Barcelona wanted it dedicated to the Virgin Mary and when building was started in 1854 this is exactly what happened. However in 1985 the then current Archbishop rededicated it to the two jointly. This is why you may hear it called The church of the immaculate conception, St peter's Church or The church of the sea.

Whether you are religious or not I think you have to agree it is a beautiful building, set in a quiet and leafy square. On the corner of square , next to the church, the bakery/cafe there has tables and chairs out most of the year, and a good few hours can be spent sitting watching the world go by here.

At the end of May the church is also a central location in the Feista del Mar.

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