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Bordogassos de VnG

If you visit VnG and are here during any of the festivals or any other time that the Bordogassos de Vilanova are doing a display you really shouldn't miss it.

The Bordogassos are the local group of Castellers - the builders of the human towers. Many towns all over Catalunya have similar groups and there are regular competitions.

The group came together in 1972 and are known for the Yellow shirts they wear during the displays. They practise weekly (at least) and are always welcoming new members. (Yes i have been invited, but haven't yet accepted the challenge).

Their displays are always engrossing, and a little bit scary. The possibility of the towers falling is always in the air. The Red Cross are always on hand for their displays. The crowds usually hold their breaths as they watch one of the youngest members of the group scampering to the top to give the salute before rushing back down.

If you visit the Bordogassos official page you can find when and where they are performing. Incidentally the next one is on the 3rd September in VnG.

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