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Eat well in VnG - one

For any veggies or even vegans that are staying at TdM there is a new eatery just down the road on the seafront. Even if you are meat eating carnivore I think you'd still find something on the menu to enjoy. Being a veggie myself I was quite excited to see the place as I walked by the other day and couldn't resit dropping in for lunch on my way back.

The place is called Organic, and is basically fast food vegan. It even has vegan bacon!

I decided to try one of their burgers, and was pleasantly surprised (veggie places can so often be disappointing). The burger was really tasty, topped with avocado, mayonnaise, onion lettuce and tomato & the bun was seeded and definitely added to the flavour. It was advertised as being 'picante' (spicy hot) but didn't really have any kick, but that did not stop my enjoyment. IT was also a bit messy to eat, but perhaps I'm just a messy eater anyway.

The waitress was very friendly and attentive, but not in my face which was nice, so I asked her for a copy of the place mat to share. It will be available to anyone staying at TdM in the ever growing information pack.

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