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BCN Places not to be missed (1)

There are many places in Barcelona that are well worth visiting, and many of the obvious ones feature on all the tourist guide sites and in the guide books. I just want to share a few of my favourite places to visit with guests from outside España.

The Boqueria Market

Around halfway down the Ramblas is the large 'produce' market La Boqueria. If for nothing else the place is worth a visit for the building itself. However inside there is a wealth of goodies to purchase, and at good local prices.

There are plenty of fruit and veg stalls whose wares are a feast for the eyes and the tummy. More recently many of the stalls have started to make juices for sale from their exotic fruits- great value at a euro a 'glass' and very refreshing and delicious. These are obviously tourist focussed, but there are plenty of stalls that are used daily by the locals too. I always search out the Mushroom stall towards the back, whose range of fungi is amazing. It is one of the few places i have found large Portobello mushrooms.

Just near the entrance is another stall which is a tourist favourite. Sweets and choccies galore ...

You can also get an amazing range of pies, fish and meat, or even eat at one of the popular tapas bars deep inside the markets or one of the small resturants / cafes around its edges.

So don't forget if you're in BCN for the day drop in and enjoy the shopping experience of the Boqueria.

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