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Pastries, Pies yummyness

Over the past few years Vilanova has seen a huge rise in the number of cafes and bakery-style shops offering an increased range of bakes for sale, either to take away and scoff in the privacy of your home, or TulStig DelMar, or to eat on the premises. Whatever your taste in pastries there is sure to be something for you in at least one of the cafe-bakeries.

There are many along the length of the Rambla, and by the main squares in town. The nearest one of the apartment is on the corner near the Eglesia del mar (Church of the sea) which I can highly recommend for its cakes, coffees, bread and friendly service.

One of the most recent additions is nearer the town square, and is part of the Enrich chain, but no worse for it being part of this. Its windows are always worth a look:

The bread in many of these establishments is also really tasty and worth trying. I know many Brits like a tasty baguette but why not go wild and try a pa de pages (literally a country loaf)


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