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Carpets of flowers.

This Sunday coming will be the Corpus Christi festival in Sitges, just a five minute train journey up the coast from VnG.

What this means is that the streets will be covered in carpets of flowers in the most exquisite of designs. Different associations take on different areas of the town and apply their own special designs in colourful flowers to the streets, making the whole town a huge splendid bouquet. The work often starts the night before and goes on right through the morning until judging takes place.

Over 30,000 dozen carnations will be used for the displays, along with a host of other flowers and natural products to create the special scenes and patterns.

Once the judging is over the 'Giants' of Sitges wander through the streets kicking up the flowers as they process through the town.

It really is quite a spectacle to behold, and should be seen at least once in a lifetime.

The flowers aren't Sitges only attraction over this weekend.

During the whole weekend there are different activities throughout the town to celebrate the Corpus Christi weekend/week.

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