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VnG to Sitges

If you like walking, hiking or just being in the outdoors there is plenty to do in and around VnG. Within the town itself there are several Adjuntament promoted walks of interest. Just inland there is the Garraf Natural Park which has many national well-marked routes for both walking and cycling.

Leaving Vilanova

One of my favourite walks, which is neither too long nor to taxing is along the cost from Vilanova to Sitges. The route follows the train line for the first part of the walk, and hugs the beautiful coast from the edge of Vilanova all the way into Sitges. The main path is along the cliff edge and has a few steep climbs and slopes to negotiate, but nothing most walkers can manage without problem.

All along the route there are less public coves in which to take the sun or swim, and a couple of the beaches on the way are promote as Naturist beaches (that's right clothing optional). During the summer both these beaches are served by beach bars (Xiringuitos) where you can stop for refreshment too.

The walk from the monument at the bottom of the Rambla in Vilanova to the Paseo in Sitges usually takes between one and a half to two hours depending on level of fitness and whether you make any stops along the way. If you would like us to join you / guide you along the way we can do that too, although the route is pretty self evident, and you're unlikely to get lost.

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