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St Mark's Day

Yes, today is Saint Mark's day, and in Venice there will be big celebrations in St Mark's Square, as he is the of that City. And I thought what better day than today for me to add something to the TulStig DelMar Blog and tell you a little more about 'Mein Host'- Mark Tullett. Owner of TdM. I asked if I could do this and after a bit of a discussion he's agreed to repost it (proofed and English corrected but unedited).

I've known Mark for a long time now, and can tell you quite a lot about him. BTW he may be a great host, but he isn't a saint. I shall say no more on that. He'd only edit it out.

Mark grew up in a place called Henfield in Sussex, England, moving to London when he was at Catering College.

During his over 20 years in London he worked for some of the best/luxury hotels in the centre of town in management roles, so you can rest assured that the standards at TulStig DelMar will be high. Later he retrained in Complementary therapies and Psychotherapy. I can personally assure you that his massages and Reiki are the tops.

In 2004 Mark and family moved home to Vilanova where they had had an flat (Casa TulStig) for some time. Since then Mark has taught English both in Sitges and Vilanova, and his students speak very well of him and his teaching - (any want to comment?), and I know some of them have become the closest of friends.

Since moving here Mark has faced plenty of challenges, walking the Camino de Santiago (700kms in 30 days), writing and publishing 5 books (I think that's right) and more recently some very big personal challenges. He always comes through.

Last year saw a new venture - TulStig DelMar - and although it's new I know it will be a success, you only have to see the effort Mark spends on making sure guests have the bests of times. And if you don't belief me check out the ever increasing list of reviews on TripAdvisor.

He can speak English (fairly well. haha), Spanish and Catalan better than he will tell, and understands French and German .

Can I say more?, except that I am proud to call him my friend. (I'm sure he's choked by this point).

And if you want any more details PM me!!

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