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Sant Jordi

This coming Saturday - the 23rd of April - is St George's day as any Brit will probably already know, but did you know that Saint George (Sant Jordi) is also the patron saint of Catalunya? Jordi is also one of the most popular names for men here. call "Jordi" in any street and you can bet at least half a down men and boys will turn round.

Here celebrations and traditions are big for this important day on the Catalunyan calendar. It is traditional for all men to give the women in their lives a red rose, a reminder of the rose bush that grew from the site of where the blood fell where St George slew the dragon .The local women are in return supposed to buy their men a book. I've heard several reasons for this but think the best is that it keeps his mind in the pages of the book and not wandering on other women. Yes it is all very sexist, but nowadays it is fine for either of these gifts to be given either way. However, I think the book is the best deal lasting longer than any cut rose.

On Saturday the main Rambla will be jam packed with stalls selling books and others selling roses. All around town crafty entrepreneurs take advantage of the day and set up stall selling roses on just about any street corner.

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